Full Car Spray Painting Service in Epping, Melbourne

You might want to change the existing colour of your car instead of buying a new one. In that case, a spray painting service will help you achieve the desired look without exceeding your budget. Also, you might want to paint your new car with your favourite colour instead of waiting months together for the showroom to provide one. So, to help you get this, there are many cheap spray paint services available in Melbourne.

When you choose the best quality spray painting services, it is better to opt for the ones that have extensive experience. In the long run, getting your car spray-painted is quite an investment and working with an expert is always a good decision. Look no further than Northern Prestige Body Repair if you want to respray your car. We have expertise in painting cars and offer excellent workmanship with unmatched customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of Hiring Us for Your Car Spray Painting and Repair Services

We are one of the most well-known car spray painting and repair services in the city. Our long list of happy customers is the reason for our great reputation in the market. Here are some benefits of hiring us for your car spray paint job.

  • Affordable rates: We provide the best quality services at highly affordable pricing. Be it car spray paint services or general repairing; we offer fixed rates that are high-quality and pocket friendly.
  • Use of high-quality material: Cheap-quality paint can damage the outer layer of your car and make it look rusty. The colour can scrape off just through minimal dirt and dust, making the whole car look like a mess. When you choose us for car painting services, we guarantee that you will receive professional service and high-quality colours. We use the best paint sprayers and high-quality paint that will last you long without scraping off even with intense dirt, dust and damage.
  • Other services: We offer a complete check-up for your car when you hire us for repairs. Alongside repairing the required spot, we also carry out additional check-ups to ensure that your car is in the best possible condition. At Northern Prestige Body Repairs, we provide 24*7 vehicle towing services to our customers. Any time of the day, our certified mechanics will be ready to offer their professional services to you.
  • Attention to detail: If you change your mind and want to respray your car and change the exterior colour, we will happily do that too. Our expert technicians carefully scrape the old colour and use high-quality materials to paint your car brand new.

Dial 0478 648 557 or write to northern_pbr@outlook.com to talk to our experts or to hire certified professionals for quality spray painting services in and around Epping and Melbourne.


Spray painting is not an extremely challenging task, but opting for a professional service provider is a better idea. With our passion for the job and years of experience, you will get the best results for your investment.
Wrapping is usually cheaper than painting, depending on your car and the service provider. However, the problem is that the wrapped film scraps off after some time. On the other hand, paint does not come off even after years.
Repainting a car is worth it when you are unhappy with the colour of your brand-new car or want to get a fresh look for your old car. However, you should use high-quality material as cheap paint can devalue your car and make it look worse.

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