Best Car Smash Repair Services in Epping, Melbourne

Contemporary automobiles are engineered with precision. Every contour and feature of the vehicle’s exterior is carefully crafted for a specific purpose. Depending on the severity of the dents, it can impact the car’s performance and exterior. Due to tight schedules, many people end up postponing the necessary vehicular repairs which can lead to costly repairs down the road. Northern Prestige Body Repairs provides comprehensive smash repairservices in Epping, Melbourne. We also provide courtesy cars so that your daily schedule is not impacted. As one of the top accidental repair specialists, you can call our skilled mechanics in an emergency.

Car Smash Repairs

Smash Repair Services

Car collisions can occur at any time, leading to expensive repair costs. Hence, it’s a good idea to have a reliable automotive centre for repairs. Here are some services that we provide:

  • Towing – We understand that in an emergency assistance needs to be provided quickly. Our team will try to reach your location as quickly as possible and bring it to our centre for repairs.
  • Collision Damage- Damage caused by a collision can impact the performance of your car. Whether it be minor dents or major repairs, our mechanics have got your back. We replace damaged parts with OEM parts.
  • Panel Beating- The process requires experience, fine skills and the use of technology to bring back the panels to their original shape.
  • Spray Painting- We use computerised colour matching and mixing to get an exact colour or a customised one that you would like for your car. In our repair centre, our team paints with modern spray guns to give your car a factory finish.
  • Body Modifications- With quality accessories, we improve the performance and the look of your car.

Why Come To Northern Prestige Body Repairs?

As an accidental repair specialist, we provide necessary automotive services in an emergency or at a later stage. When you choose Northern Prestige Body Repairs, you can trust that your vehicle is in capable hands. Here are some reasons to select our services:

  • Quality Workmanship- Our mechanics have years of industry experience and use modern technology for all vehicles.
  • Professional Staff- Our team maintains transparency throughout all automotive processes and answers any questions you may have.
  • Cost Effective Rates- All our services are reasonably priced according to the market standards.
  • Insurance Claim Settlement- We can assist you in filing your insurance claims.
  • Courtesy Cars- If there is significant vehicular damage which would take time, we can provide a courtesy car. This way, there is minimal disruption to your schedule.

Get Complete Smash Repair Services Within Your Budget in Epping, Melbourne

Northern Prestige Body Repairs is one of the top accidental repair specialists in Epping, Melbourne. Aside from smash repair services, we also offer towing services and professional insurance claim settlement. Call us on 0478 648 557 or email us at to know more about us.


It depends on the size of the damage. If the dents are minor, then it can be repaired within some hours. On the other hand, major dents can take as long as a week to get completely repaired.
Smash repairs usually do not come with a warranty but you can visit our repair centre if you face any issue.

Custom Spray Painting

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