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A car is an expensive investment. It is important to acquire affordable car insurance to get financial assistance in case of an accident or damage caused by collision, fire, theft etc. It is also mandatory by law to have your car insured before you drive it on the road. This helps you claim damage in case of any injury that leads to a loss of life or property. But with a variety of insurance covers on offer, like third-party car insurance and comprehensive car insurance policies, it might be hard to select. Northern Prestige Body Repairs offers the best auto insurance policy and accidental insurance claim filing with all the major insurance providers in Australia.

Insurance Claims

Third party Insurance

Are you going through the stress of dealing with post-accident trauma, getting your car repaired, looking after your family, and also taking care of your work commitments? If you have to file your insurance to claim damages for repairs, you may feel stressed out. To help you in this traumatic and stressful time, we can assist you with the insurance claim filing process, which includes vehicle towing, insurance claim lodging, surveyor reporting, and all paperwork and query responses.

Reliable Car Insurance Service in Melbourne

Getting confused about which insurance provider to choose and which policy is best suited to your car needs? We offer the most affordable car insurance service in Melbourne, with highly skilled and knowledgeable staff to answer all your queries regarding insurance policies, their features, and the premium. This helps you make an informed choice based on your needs.

While most people tend to prefer the cheapest policy, it is important to understand the fine print or terms & conditions, as they determine how fast your claim will be processed and what things it will cover. While everyone wants to save money, it may become unfavourable in case you choose an insurance company with a dubious reputation. This results in delays in your claim processing or excludes most things like bumper or windscreen under the damage covered in the policy.

You also have to choose between the market value and the claim value of the car. The claim value is the maximum amount that the insurance company is liable to pay in case of theft, fire, or total write-off. The higher the claim value, the higher is the premium. There are several other parameters that are covered under the fine print of the policy. You can take the help of our expert car insurance specialists to help you select the most affordable and useful policy for your car.

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We offer a one-stop solution for low cost auto insurance and insurance claim processing assistance for residents of Epping and other suburbs of Melbourne with:

  • Expert staff
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  • Affordable services
  • Assistance with car insurance claims

For stress-free car insurance claim advice and assistance, call us on 0478 648 557 to speak with our experts. Our experienced insurance servicing staff can help you file an insurance claim, renew car insurance, or buy new insurance at competitive rates.

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